Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Preschool Storytime- Letter H

Opening Song
If You Listen and You Hear Me

Letter of the Week

Froggy's First Kiss by Jonathan London
I was worried this book would be a little too lengthy, but my group was full of quiet kids so it worked perfectly!

Ping Pong Pig by Caroline Church
The kids did not find this book as funny as I thought they would. It's worked for me in the past, so it might have just been my group.

Five Little Monkeys

Cows to the Rescue by John Himmelman
This book is great for interaction! My group was being extremely shy, and this definitely helped bring them out of their shell.

Roly Poly

The Monster at the End of this Book by Jon Stone
Since my kids were finally starting to talk and interact I thought I would pull out this classic. Over half of the group was laughing their heads off at poor Grover, but there were three concerned individuals who were very worried for his safety. They kept trying to convince the other kids that bad things were going to happen. So, I had to keep reassuring them I would never actually let Grover get hurt. Everyone was happy in the end.

The Seals on the Bus by Lenny Hort
I've been sick this week and my voice was giving out at this point, but the kids saw this book in my bag and really wanted to sing it. I was hoping the parents would step in and sing loudly...but that didn't happen. They seemed to be ok with a scratchy sounding Miss Brooke though.

Red Heart, Red Heart, What do you see?
This flannel was discovered on Youtube courtesy of Miss Tracy. She has some wonderful flannel rhymes, so check her out! This flannel went over so well in toddler time that I tried it to preschool too! We sang the rhyme, added in counting, and we made shapes with the hearts. The kids loved it so much we did it twice.
Closing Song
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

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