Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tell A Truck Story!

In our "Play- Learn- Read" early literacy center, we have a magnetic/flannel board that we switch out every month. This month, I decided to use Emma Garcia's wonderful book "Tip Tip Dig Dig". It's a book that children know and love from storytime, plus it fits in with our summer reading theme, "Dig Into Reading" perfectly.

I found this amazing flannel already made over at Piper Loves the Library. It was so well done I basically remade the entire thing. Thank you for sharing such amazing work!

Here is what my trucks looked like. Not quite as pretty as the original, but good enough for me.

Our library's copy of Tip Tip Dig Dig is checked out and has multiple holds on it, so I am rotating different transportation books next to the flannel board until it comes back in.

I included some story starters for little ones who want to tell a story.

And of course, the early literacy tip!

Thank you again to Piper Loves the Library for the amazing flannel pieces!


  1. So what is this magical flannel/magnetic board? We may have to invest in one.

  2. Oh, wait! I see what you did there. Wipe board with flannel taped on? Brilliant.

    1. Yes. Definitely cheaper than buying a real flannel board. I think we bought the white board at Walmart for around $5. Also, we used really powerful velcro to get the flannel to stay on the white board. The kids will pull it off with just tape :)



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