Saturday, March 29, 2014

Flannel Friday Round Up – March 29th, 2014

IT'S THE END OF MARCH?! How did this happen to us? Oh well, we have some great flannels to share this week. Flannel stories make everything better.

I've participated and hosted round-ups before, but this batch is truly amazing! I am blown away at the array of ideas and ways to incorporate them into storytime. You all are wonderful! You make me want to...

First, we have the lovely Thrive After Three who made an amazing Superman Flannel board. Her pieces are awesome. There's even a Daily Planet flannel newspaper!

Ms. Jenna shares 2 great ideas. The first is a flannel version of Five Little Kites, inspired by Storytime Katie. The second is a Scroll Story about Spring! I personally have never seen this done before and I am in awe. Look at how amazing this thing is!

Anne over at Itsybistymom shares a fabulous Duck Memory Matching Game. The game is really great, but the spinner she uses is absolute genius. I'm making one as soon as I finish this round-up.

To celebrate Mr. Rogers birthday, SLC Book Boy made an amazing flannel game involving vehicles, finding a job, and Pigeon. I bet Pigeon needs to find a job because of his student loans payments– we sympathize Pigeon.

Kathryn over at Fun with Friends at Storytime is going to have a new grandbaby this year! Congratulations! To celebrate, she made an adorable set of flannel babies to use in storytime.

Miss Sue over at Library Village shares the classic There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Trout.  What a beautiful flannel set!

Bridget at What is Bridget Reading? made a gorgeous pair of crocheted elephant finger puppets. Look at how cute their little shirt and dress are. I've now decided in my free time I will learn how to crochet.

Christine at Felt Board Ideas shares two very cute flannel rhymes involving rain. If you're a visual learning she even includes a You Tube video!

The amazing Meg over at Miss Meg's Storytime shares a Pete the Cat game! You can never go wrong with Pete the Cat. Unless you dump your original writer and decide to illustrate and write your own books for mass profit :)

Storytime Katie, who I met IRL and was just as fabulous as she is online, made an adorable Ten Fluffy Chickens rhyme. I love all of the spring rhymes we're getting on this roundup!

Linda at Notes from the Story Room shares an original story "Raccoon and the Magic Fish". So many great options with this story!

Miss Tara at Storytime with Miss Tara and Friends found some amazing old flannel books. They were a little beat up, but she turned them into an great matching game!

Jane & Piper of Piper Loves the Library share a beautiful flannel Maisy! She makes some of the prettiest flannel pieces I have ever seen. Everyone should copy them immediately.


  1. I want to borrow each and every one! Thanks! (PS - spinner is so totally worth the effort - kids LOVE it and can be used for TONS of activities!)



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