Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello Again!

Hello dear friend! I am so sorry that this blog has been abandoned over summer. Life has been a little crazy over in La Crosse.

Imagine this... but with children.
 I'm the guy in the yellow coat.

Our summer reading was a smashing success! We went prizeless this year, and you can read about it over on Marge's blog. TL:DR is that it was amazing. Kids loved it and so did the parents. Everyone should go prizeless next year, ok?


My name is now legally and officially Brooke Newberry. Isn't that the best last name for a children's librarian?! I am changing my name professionaly as well. Since no one knew how to spell or pronounce my maiden name I don't think this will cause too much heartache.

Storytime outlines (I have about 12 of them) will start going up next week, and then we will hopefully return to our regularly scheduled, slightly less sporadic, blogging. Thanks for sticking it out with me friends!

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