Thursday, January 8, 2015

Early Literacy Center – Fruit & Veggie Color Matching

We've changed up our Play & Learn area with a food theme! Our pillar game this quarter is all about matching the fruits and veggies to the right color.

We include a fun parent tip as well as directions for the games.

I tried to pick fruit that was recognizable (like grapes), but also throw in some new vocabulary words (like pomegranate). I simply put velcro pieces on the back of the fruits and vegetables and put the other part of the velcro on the right colored paper.

We also made this cute little folder to hold all the fruit when kids are done.

I've seen parents counting the food, talking about what the food tastes like, and even making up food stories! It's been awesome. Tune in next week when I reveal the flannel story and big furniture piece we've added. 

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