Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Top 5 Reasons I Haven't Been Blogging

It has been a long time since I last blogged! Feeling inspired by Abby the Librarian's blog post, I decided to confess my blogging sins rather than continuing to feel guilty about it. Here are five of the things that are keeping me away from this blog:

Our updated summer reading game!
We had a Paw Patrol program! We expected 75 in
attendance and ended up with 175. It was chaos.

1. We are short staffed. We're all just trying to keep our heads above water after losing a professional position last year, being without a manager for six months, and having another professional position leave in May. Luckily our new manager started in February and the second professional position will be getting replaced after summer.

2. It is Summer Reading. We are taking a less intensive approach this year, but the sheer volume of people in the room make it impossible to accomplish any extra tasks.

A baby boy!

3. I am 9 months pregnant. If you decide to start a family at any point in your career, I recommend trying to plan it so your 8-9 months don't happen during summer for both your and your coworkers' sanity. I literally pep talk myself out of the car most mornings and my 5pm self leaves out candy for my next day 8:30am self. Candy helps.

A fabulous summer reading performer who showed up with the flu.
It was the most intense hour as I waited to see if he would actually vomit on kids.
Do you have a plan for if your performer starts puking?
4. Program attendance is at an all time high! This is so great for us and our library, but it has made us have to rethink our approach to programming for such huge numbers. Hopefully next year we will figure out a way to make programs more manageable with such big groups, while making sure we provide the best service possible to our non-camp groups.

My storytimes help get me through the day!

5. My desk time has almost doubled in the past couple of months. A necessary thing that takes place in the summer, but it's hitting a little harder this year for all of the reasons above.
    These are all my excuses for not getting regularly scheduled posts to you. Hopefully once I am recovering on maternity leave I will be able to finally pay attention to those posts that have been languishing in drafts.

    Like Abby, I'm also going to recommend that you check out Bryce's series of Summer Reading Hype Videos. I watch them regularly when I feel like I can't possibly make it another hour in the day. I hope everyone is surviving this summer and I can't wait to hear all about everyone else's fun summer adventures!


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