Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vote! Vote! Vote!

I am a huge fan of displays at my library. I am also a fan of things being fun and interactive.  With some suggestions from a lovely coworker, we decided to celebrate the election season! 

We decided to make our own voting booth at the desk and kept it as simple as possible. We simply took a box, decorated it, and decided what we wanted the children to vote on. The votes are cast with popsicle sticks.

Even though the election is over, we are keeping the display up the entire month of November. The kids absolutely love it! Something we didn't expect was how excited the parents would be about voting too.

We count the votes for the week on Saturday and put up the new candidates on Mondays. Spiderman was the week 1 winner against Batman. Curious George won this week in case you were wondering. 

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