Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Who Could That Be at This Hour? by Lemony Snicket

This chapter book begins in a rather confusing way. The reader might even feel like the first 20 pages were cut out of their book. Don't worry though, at the end of the book you're no closer to the answer.

I adore Lemony Snicket. I think Daniel Handler is an absolute genius and I went into this book with high expectations. I wasn't disappointed. The book is truly confusing, so I would definitely prepare the reader that they have to stick with the book through the first 50 pages or so for it to start making sense...sort of.

The book is all about a young boy, Lemony Snicket, who has joined a secret organization and is beginning his apprenticeship. Unfortunately, his teacher, S. Theodora Markson,  is ranked dead last on a list of most talented teachers. Lemony knew this though and still chose her. Why? And what does the S. in her name stand for?!

The majority of this book takes place in a little town called Stain'd-by-the-sea. Its a town that has completely dried up both figuratively and literally. Its biggest business used to be selling octopus ink, but it's almost all gone. Even worse, almost all of the stores are closed down and there are very few residents left. One might think there would be nothing at all exciting left in this town. However, one of the residents just got robbed and needs help!

During the 261 pages, the reader ends up with more questions then they had in the beginning. However, poor Lemony seems to be asking all the wrong questions at the wrong time. With all of the characters and plot twists in this chapter book, the reader often wonders, "Who Could That Be at This Hour?" Here's  a hint: It's never who you expect.

I am very excited for the next book in this series. I would give this to any chapter book reader who likes the Series of Unfortunate Events, mystery books, or books that are a just a little bit different. This chapter book has a lot of Snicket's sarcastic and witty humor, and overall melancholy that he made famous in the Series of Unfortunate Events books. Also, the illustrations are absolutely brilliant!

Lemony Snicket "Who Could That Be at This Hour?" is available now!

Book provided by my library

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