Saturday, December 1, 2012

Teens Get Crafty

Looking for a fun, budget friendly teen program? One of our monthly teen programs that has been successful is our Teens Get Crafty. It is held on the last Monday of each month and features a simple craft or two. 

For this series of programs, I planned all three sessions at once and only made one trip to the store. I used Pinterest for my inspirations and went for the most budget friendly ideas.

For the first program we had exactly zero people show up. It was sad, but not surprising. One of the nice things about this program is you can reuse your craft items and ideas if attendance is low. I think the biggest factor for no attendance is that school had just recently started. Teens were still getting in the groove of school.

The following month we had 5 teens show up! We made book page flowers and Soda Tab bracelets this week. The bracelet is a little complicated, but I thought doable. Turns out, it was very complicated for my teens and we had to walk through almost the entire bracelet together. I could have only had the bracelets at this craft and saved the flowers.

For our final program, we made tie dye bandannas. This craft is really simple, and cheap! All you need is fabric, sharpies, rubbing alcohol, and cups. The instructions suggest to use medicine droppers, but we went with just using straws instead.

The teens absolutely loved the tie die! It was by far their favorite thing we've done. I received multiple requests to continue with this program from teens and parents, so I believe we will be continue to offer it in the spring!

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