Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sage Carrington Eighth-Grade Science Sleuth by Justin Scott Parr

This is a fabulous read for girls everywhere! This quick read follows Sage Carrington, as she explores Washington D.C. with her best friend Isabel Flores during summer break. The action starts immediately as the girls find a treasure map, make a rocket shoot into the air, and get bullied-all within the first three chapters.

There are so many amazing qualities this book presents. The main character, Sage, is an African-American and has braces. While this describes plenty of readers, very few main characters are represented this way. Sage's best friend is a Latina who teaches her Spanish throughout the book. They have a real relationship where there is a lot of love, but also some jealousy and fights. There is also a local bully, who I think is represented in a realistic way. My favorite thing about this book is that Sage loves science and she's not afraid of being a "nerd". Plus, about 100+ more things.

This book is a great way for younger readers to build vocabulary, including Spanish, while still reading an amazing story. While Sage is an almost 8th grader, I think girls as young as fourth grade would enjoy this book. It is a clean read content-wise, so this would be a great pick for those younger readers who are reading at a high grade level.

With this book, I also received the "Sage Carrington Book of Love Journal #1". This is a great supplement to the book. It has wonderful illustrations and writing prompts throughout. I would buy this set for my younger cousins in a heart beat. Everything about this book and journal just puts out good vibes. I'd recommend this book to any girl in the 9-13 age range. Also, any library that is looking to add some good girl-power books!

Sage Carrington: Eighth-Grade Science Sleuth is available now!

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  1. Clare can't read this one yet, but I bet she would love it if I read it to her!

    1. Clare would love this. There is a little bit of sad in there that might upset her. Call or email me before you read the books to her so I can give you a heads up.



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