Friday, July 26, 2013

Flannel Friday – The Shape Game!

This session I decided to start having a theme each week in my baby storytime. What better way to introduce it then with a game?

I think including a theme has made it easier for my parents to focus on the books. Plus, it gives them a sense of what to expect each storytime. I have definitely noticed a difference in the conversations parents are having with their babies about the books.

I have been using this game off and on for over a year, so I have no idea if I stole this from someone or not. All of my bookmarks were lost in the great Google Reader switch. So, if you gave me this great idea, please tell me!

The actual flannel pieces are super easy. All you do is cut out 4 shapes in flannel pieces. Make sure they are different colors and make sure they are big enough to hide things behind.

Each week I pick a theme and then make a piece that relates to it out of flannel.

Our theme was babies!

After our opening song and rhyme, we unveil the shape game. Unveiling is important. It takes away the temptation for kids to pull pieces off as soon as they enter the room. Plus, it makes it more exciting!

Every week I say, "Now it's time for our shape game! Are we ready to see what we're going to read about this week? Let's see if there is anything under the purple star...." I always wait until the last shape to find my item.

The babies have responded really well to this. The first two weeks they were a little unresponsive, but now they clap when I unveil the shape game and make a mad rush to the flannel board. It's adorable. Plus, they're getting exposed to shapes which is a precursor to learning letters!

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  1. I love the idea of unveiling it! I've really struggled with my littles coming up to the board as soon as the pieces are on there so this sounds like a nice solution. And a generally fun game!

    1. It has worked so far! Every time I unveil it they always look a little surprised too. You should try it!



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