Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Early Literacy Center– Farmer's Market Stand

Check out our newest addition to our Play & Learn area. Our very own Farmers Market stand! We purchased this with money we received from a community development grant.

It is a hit. Kids love it. They go shopping, talk about what they're going to put in their soup, and more using the play food. There is also adorable little cloth shopping bags for the kids to use. All of the wooden fruits and veggies come with the stand, as well as the cute little baskets.

We also purchased a cash register and laminated the dollar bills. Kids really enjoy adding up their $10 mushroom and oranges and telling their caregivers the totals. Number literacy!

The wooden fruits and vegetables provide great vocabulary words and I love hearing the caregivers talk about eggplants and onions with their little ones. There's an early literacy bubble attached to the wall behind the stand that talks about why vocabulary building is so important.

The wooden poles that the fabric awning hang on are a little flimsy, but they are still standing as of today. Even better, if you're crafty you could turn your farmer's market stand into anything with some fabric and letters! Stay tuned to see if I become crafty enough to accomplish it.

1 comment:

  1. That looks adorable. Great fun and learning combined.



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