Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Storytime!

This past weekend we celebrated the holidays by having a Christmas themed storytime. Since this was also the last week of storytime, it ended the session perfectly. We hold our special craft storytimes on Saturday mornings. This allows the program to appeal to a wider range of ages and families.

It was wonderful! We ended up with around 35 children ranging from infants to 8 year olds. I had picked a wide selection of books to bring into storytime, and it worked out lovely.

Opening Song
Hands are Clapping
This is our traditional opening toddler song. I felt keeping a similar routine was the best bet.

Dream Snow
This is a beautiful book about a farmer and his animals. It involves guessing, counting, and making animal noises! These are three of my favorite things, so I chose this book to begin the storytime. Also, there is a button you can push at the end and I'm sure lovely music plays. However, our batteries were dying and it ended up sounding quite horrific. I made the decision to use the book and simply not push the button, but of course the one kid old enough to read off my page called me out on it. So, we pushed the button and all had a good laugh.

Our wonderful outreach storytellers had a plethora of holiday songs for me to choose from, so I give all credit to them!

Let's All Do a Little Clapping
(to the tune of We Wish You A Merry Christmas)
Let's all do a little clapping,
Let's all do a little clapping,
Let's all do a little clapping,
And spread Christmas cheer.

(Jumping) (Tapping) (Shaking)

Santa's Stuck
This book is hilarious. Unfortunately, it was a little too long for my group. At this point my helpers were setting up a craft in a completely different area, but the little ones still figured out what was happening and became focused on crafting. These kids can seriously detect markers and glue sticks from 100 yards away.

The Reindeer Pokey
Just like the Hokey Pokey, but while pretending to be reindeer!
Antlers, Hooves, Red nose, Fluffy Tail, and whole body.

Bear Stays Up for Christmas
Bear is well known and loved by my storytime regulars, so this book went over well. Everyone was repeating with me toward the end.
At this point I told the kids we were going to hand out something very special. We had tied jingle bells onto ribbon earlier and handed one out to each child. I told them that the jingle bells lived in the library with Miss Brooke, so we'd have to return them at the end. This is what I say anytime I hand out finger puppets, flannel pieces, etc. It has never failed me yet.

Next, we practiced jingling for a minute or so. Jingle high, low, fast, slow, etc.

Ring, Ring, Ring the Bells
(to the tune of Row, Row, Row, Your Boat
Ring, Ring, Ring the bells
Ring them loud and clear
To say to people everywhere
Christmas time is here.

Jingle-Jingle by Nicola Smee
We jingled a lot in this book! Clip-Clop is one of my favorite storytime books, and this one was perfect for our bells.

Clap, Clap, Clap Your Hands
I included a verse about ringing your bells fast and slow.

Closing Song
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

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